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This might sound dumb but… growing up I thought my grandma was immortal. She told me for 15 years that she was 70. She didn’t turn 70 until 2022. I am grateful to still have her around, especially feeling lucky that she is still pretty autonomous. But when she turned 70, it scared me. My grandma is getting older. Hair is thinning, skin is wrinkling, energy is (slowly) fading. Everyone tells me to record her recipes so I can cook them when the inevitable happens, but she’s so much more than just a collection of recipes. She has shown me unconditional love and comfort, and I hope to honor that by documenting her cooking processes, lectures, and laughs. Do you want to join along? :) #cookingoninstagram#vietnameserecipe #grandmacooking#nostalgiacore #gouachepainting#paintingprocess

The Power of Perspective Our latest infinite zoom video is a testament to the triumph of love and optimism over adversity! Join the celebration of life! 🤗 An Infinite Story is comprised of superstar artists, narrative specialists and developers dedicated to delivering magical stories. Art by the amazing @digitalbobert #art #digitalart #infinitezoom

Good question! Why did I decide to drop out of college before I even found a job? After all, my art isn’t photorealistic or beautifully painted or has any characters in them. What value could it possible bring to the world? Truth is, I was not aiming to be a concept artist for Naughty Dog, or a painter that runs a gallery, I already knew my niche: background and props for animation. I want to give a shoutout to people pursuing the unsung heroes of animation. The nonglorious ones. Lookdev, in between animation, background design, prop design, storyboard revisionists, etc. These are the people who do so much for animation and almost never are understand by the outside world because it’s not AI art or character design or League of Legends splash illustration. Our professions require a super specific portfolio along with personalities that can provide value to a production. My art may not sell well at conventions or fit people’s idea of what a professional artist looks like, but it is and I am in fact working. If you are pursuing a non-glorious role in the animation industry, just know that you will be different and that’s okay! Don’t cave in to the glamorous FOMO. Follow for more animation industry and animation art content! Hope that helps. Much love! Sinh #aspiringartist#backgrounddesigner#tvanimation#animationindustry#arttipsandtricks#artistmeme

The Results Speak for Themselves


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Seriously… why is Blender so hard?! I’ve been wanting to integrate 3D into my personal projects and finally took the leap to learn Blender 😩 It’s been rewarding yet challenging, and torturous. And frustrating. And slow. Here are 3 tips/ things I tell myself that are keeping me sane: 1) A major roadblock I have in learning 3D is the initial learning curve. “This would be faster if I just drew it.” That might be true at first, but, once you get into rotating entire scenes or complex characters, the initial setup time has a much higher return on investment. 2) SO MANY RESOURCES! — I mean, really, where do I even start? Do I use HeavyPoly? Or vanilla Blender with some addons? Do I need to learn how to texture and UV map? Do I need to learn how to model before importing premade assets? — Truth is, it really does not matter where you start. The paralysis of having so much power in the internet is almost like blank page syndrome. Start with what you absolutely need to figure out for your current project, such as a few modifiers and the basics of modeling. And try to stick to 1-3 tutorial/ educational creators, at least in the beginning! It makes choosing the tutorial of the day much easier. and… 3! I am scared to be vulnerable again. I worked so hard to become well versed in Photoshop and drawing. Learning 3D is like starting over, and a part of me hates that because I love to be good at anything I do (but maybe that’s just me lol). — However, you must remember this is for the long run, and it can be SUPER exciting to learn something new. It’s the best way to enhance your art, inspire yourself, and prevent burnout. Hope that helps! Much love, Sinh #blender3d #blendertips #3dfor2dartists #artimprovement #artmotivation

MOST ART STUDENTS #1 MISTAKE IN LEARNING IS… Not asking the right questions, and in this case, to themselves. It is important to ask yourself what are your educational needs to make a proper decision. There are so many art school alternatives and it’s impossible to choose without knowing the answer to these questions… So I made a video for just that! Link in Bio!

Yeah, uh. Don’t do that. A lot of people think that you wait until after art school to make connections, build a portfolio, or apply to jobs. That is simply not true. THIS ADVICE IS ALSO APPLICABLE TO HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES! It is NEVER too early to start making connections. You need to start building the bridge between your student era to your professional era as soon as you can. You must anticipate what issues you’ll have 1, 5, and 10 years from now, and start solving them now. Worried about the resume? Redo it. Worried about the next or first job? Start networking now and keep in touch as you update your portfolio. Worried about your financial situation after graduation? Penny pinch now. Part of the immature mindset I have mentioned before in my account includes prioritizing instant gratification over long term gains. This can apply to any area of life and should strike a balance. Yes, do things that make you happy; but do you really need to buy that sketchbook you swear you’ll use? Why lie to yourself about drawing in it? When, instead, you can prove to yourself that you’re improving by drawing everyday in the sketchbook you already have? Why get caught up in the fear of missing out with your partying college friends when you can be building connections and friendships that’ll last your entire career? I tell a lot of people this, but be for real. Be for real with yourself. Do you even want to go? Or would you rather learn about something you’ve been saying you want to learn for months now? I’m not perfect in this practice and am actively trying to prioritize long term gains and simply participating in things that make me happy long term, not fill some void temporarily. Join me! Get ahead of the game! Much love! Sinh


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